That would, who didn’t say, but scientific potential Ukrainian ones gunsmiths it’s still there. And in the process dying Ukrainian Oboronprom it may develop similar the industry in the most unexpected ones countries. For example, in Jordan.

I can imagine to your attention modernization project family of machines CVRT made together Ukrainian and Jordanian Ones armourers. Really me it’s hard to say, what’s in this car Jordanian, after all the family cvrt machines, English, a combat module «Brass knuckles», installed on them, Ukrainian. But whatever it is not if will be received orders for a similar service upgrade, then perform it will be completely different for her not Ukrainians, and the Jordanian one KADDB company. For which one, like it’s not hard to guess, all scientific information part, for symbolic purposes money, done Ukrainian ones an engineer. But let’s go back, actually, to this development.

Jordan has, in total difficulties, about 300 cars CVRT families, various types: Scorpion, Scimitar, Samson, Samaritan, Spartan, and Sultan. These cars, although, quite, successful, but that’s enough ancient web developments The 60s. And naturally need or in replacement, or in deep water modernizations. Which they did Jordanian companies installing the engineer on them combat the «brass Knuckles» module».

What is it from itself represents this module? As seen on photo module uninhabited. In its armament includes 30 mm rapid-fire system ZTM-1 gun, s effective range shooting range 2000 m. This gun is paired 30 mm automatic with a grenade launcher KBA 117, 7.62 mm machine gun and launchers containers ATGM «Barrier», which are capable of destroy the enemy’s side armored vehicles on the range up to 5000 m.

How to use it I like this one upgrade more than reasonable, and if the price is will suit the Jordanian military, then it should be accepted on armament, after all, the CVRT database, pretty much, current.