Stylet — VU

Remote Unmanned Weapon Station STYLET– VU

Remote unmanned weapon station «Stylet-VU» is an adaptation of weapon station «Stylet –V» with the use of an automatic gun ZTM-1 (analogue 2A72) or could be equipped with 2A42 gun, as per customer request. 

Fire control system “Kursor” has in its composition thermal, television and optic channels, laser channel range finding, guidance channel ATGM, stabilizer, digital compass, satellite navigation system, sensors determine the shooting conditions.

As an option, remote weapon station “Stylet-VU” could be equipped with AGS-17, Grenade launcher UAG-40, meteorological station and etc.

Automatic gun (ammunition load)ZTM-1 (2A72) (200 pcs.)
Caliber30 mm
Sighting range tracer ammunition (AP) / high-explosive incendiary (HEI), mup to 2000* / 4000* (along a hinged path)
Machine gunKT-7,62 (PKT) (2000 pcs.)
Caliber7,62 mm
Firing range, mup to 2000*
Anti-tank missile system«Barrier»
Sighting range, mup to 5000*
Automatic grenade launcherOptional KBA-117 (AG-17)/UAG-40/none
Smoke-screening system902V
TypeElectromechanical with manual back-up
Weapon system aiming units features 
Weight including ammunitionUp to 1 700 kg
Diameter of the turret ring (with the possibility to change the diameter according to the costumer’s request)350 mm
*It depends upon weather conditions. If the target can be seen for a maximum distance.